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Migraine Relief Balm

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The Bath Shacks Migraine Relief Balm Handmade aids in helping Migraine & Headache Pain. It relaxes and warms your muscles.. In addition, it gives you a good night’s sleep. with its soothing Ingredients Including Wintergreen , Peppermint Oil,  magnesium oil, shea butter, coconut oil,  Migraine Relief Balm  is a must have.

Organic beeswax, organic Shea butter and cocoa butter, Distilled Water, Magnesium, Organic Coconut oil, Wintergreen  & Preservative

Wintergreen & Peppermint Oil can aid with Migraine & Headache pain however it is not for everyone if you have any concerns it is recommended you consult your medical professionals advice before using.

Not recommended for

  • children
  • women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • people who are taking anticoagulant or blood-thinning drugs
  • people who have a bleeding disorder, such as hemophilia
  • people who are allergic to aspirin
  • aromatherapy use

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Small 20g

3 reviews for Migraine Relief Balm

  1. Leesa Tomlinson

    This little jar of magic is great. I suffer from severe sinus migraines, and I put this on, and within 15 minutes, I am back to normal. I love this stuff. Highly recommended.

  2. Emma

    I have suffered from migraines for the past 6 years and yet to find anything that helps with out irritating it further until using This cream it has been an absolute lifer !

  3. Danielle

    this product is amazing I get headache and it’s relief them. 100% recommended

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