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Gem Soy Candles


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Large Energy, Large Appreciation, Large Sweet Cheeks, Large Peace Spiritual & Healing, Large Confidence, Large Third Eye, Large Emotional Balance, Large Energy Clearing, Large Meditation, Large Friendship, Large House Cleansing, Large Empowerment & Courage, Large Romance, Large Happiness, Large Grounding, Large Harmony & Balance, Large The Protector, Large Vanilla, Large Calm & Tranquillity, Large Caramel, Large The Healer, Large Coconut Lime, Large Negative Clearing, Medium Negative Clearing, Medium Energy, Medium Appreciation, Medium Sweet Cheeks, Medium Peace Spiritual & Healing, Medium Confidence, Medium Third Eye, Medium Emotional Balance, Medium Energy Clearing, Medium Meditation, Medium Friendship, Medium House Cleansing, Medium Empowerment & Courage, Medium Romance, Medium Happiness, Medium Grounding, Medium Harmony & Balance, Medium The Protector, Medium Vanilla, Medium Calm & Tranquillity, Medium Caramel, Medium The Healer, Medium Coconut Lime, Small Med The Protector, Small Medium Energy Clearing, Small Energy, Small Appreciation, Small Sweet Cheeks, Small Peace Spiritual & Healing, Small Confidence, Small Third Eye, Small Emotional Balance, Small Energy Clearing, Small Meditation, Small Friendship, Small House Cleansing, Small Empowerment & Courage, Small Romance, Small Happiness, Small Grounding, Small Harmony & Balance, Small The Protector, Small Vanilla, Small Calm & Tranquillity, Small Caramel, Small The Healer, Small Negative Clearing, Tin Negative Clearing, Tin Coconut Lime, Tin Energy, Tin Appreciation, Tin Sweet Cheeks, Tin Peace Spiritual & Healing, Tin Confidence, Tin Third Eye, Tin Emotional Balance, Tin Energy Clearing, Tin Meditation, Tin Friendship, Tin House Cleansing, Tin Empowerment & Courage, Tin Romance, Tin Happiness, Tin Grounding, Tin Harmony & Balance, Tin The Protector, Tin Vanilla, Tin Calm & Tranquillity, Tin Caramel, Tin The Healer, Tin Coconut Lime


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