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Activated charcoal Toothpaste Vegan Friendly (No Preservatives)


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Our Activated Charcoal teeth whitener will leave your teeth sparkling white and clean.

100% natural with three  ingredients: activated charcoal powder, sodium bicarbonate and Virgin Coconut Oil.

Once in your mouth this triple action formula, combining teeth whitening powers of sodium bicarbonate, charcoal & Coconut Oil works on a molecular level to chemically bound to the impurities on your teeth to extract surface stains from your enamel.

Virgin Coconut is in this Ingredient so do not use if you are allergic to NutsVegan Friendly (No Preservatives) 


Use Daily to remove all stains and have your teeth whiter than ever.



bicarbonate Soda, Activated Charcoal & Virgin Coconut Oil. 

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Weight 100 g


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