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About us

Feeling blessed to have grown up in our Beautiful Sunburnt Country Australia, with its harsh sun,
Humidity & Hervey Bay beach breeze and having always been an outside girl l have found my skin
has suffered the impact of this blessing. Furthermore, after having my three beautiful children l did
not have a lot of time to look after my skin.
What I noticed was my skin beginning to tire and visibly lacking in nourishment, like a flower
drooping from not enough water. As a result, l was desperate to provide my skin with the
nourishment it so craved, and so began my journey to source bath products and skin care.
I soon found that the multitude of products available were extremely expensive, filled with lots of
unnecessary fillers and lots of pretty packaging. All l wanted was a product that worked at a great
price. I came to the realization that if l wanted a good product l would need to create one for
myself, and so begins my journey.
Through great Dedication, time and research l have achieved products, with ingredients and recipe
that l am proud to say have given me the result l have so desperately been searching for. I am
excited to be able to share these products with people of all ages to enjoy and reap the benefits like
l have. My skin is now soft and subtle, after previously having eczema& pigmentation issues that not
even laser treatment could remove, I am now excited to say that both skin issues have now gone!!!!
You will find my products not only look and smell beautiful with a wide range of colors and scents,
but your skin will thank you like there is no tomorrow!!!!
I urge you to try my products and reap the benefits for yourself and you will not regret it.